Newday - new opportunities

We are Newday

We are entrepreneurs, employees and managers who have owned or worked in large and small companies in the past. So we know what it's all about, both on sunny and rainy days.
We are dedicated and have solid expertise in our core areas and what we believe creates success. We connect key resources and expertise based on your needs.
We have an easy-going corporate structure that ensures that we can make decisions based on what will be the most important thing to move forward with the business at any given time.
We invest with our own capital and show that we invest with both heart and head.
We believe in a good balance between profitability, strategy and a healthy organization as key components to success.

Trond Stensrud

CEO - partner
(+47) 907 76 789
Trond's greatest strength is to see connections and create business opportunities for the benefit of the companies and customers. Strong analytical capacity combined with a driving commitment makes Trond a solid partner.

He has over 20 years of management experience; has been involved in the purchase and sale of companies for a number of years, and has a professional background as a tax auditor. As deputy commander, CFO and part owner, Trond played a key role in building up Simployer's profitable growth from NOK 30 million to NOK 400 million in turnover.
What drives him in Newday is to be allowed to create business with others.

Marianne Reese Larsen

Development Director
(+47) 957 22 828
Marianne has extensive experience in management and business development, and is a perfect person to have on the team when it comes to developing companies both on a competence and organizational level.
She is also a person who gives a lot of energy and power to actually realize strategies through change. She has a background from Microsoft, Manpower Group-owned Right Management, Itera, Clas Ohlsson, and Simployer, where she has worked extensively with restructuring processes and management development.

Bjørn Petter Garder

Chairman of the board – partner
(+47) 913 37 937
Bjørn Petter knows what it means to start, own, develop, buy and sell profitable businesses.

He is also a very positive person, he sees opportunities where others do not see it. This may be because he grew up in an entrepreneurial family that has given him a unique insight into the processes of both starting up and selling large companies.

Bjørn Petter was the majority owner of Simployer until parts of the business were sold to Ferd in 2020.

Our Advisory board

Our advisory board is a resource group that acts as an advisory body for Newday related to strategic and critical matters concerning Newday as a business and in connection with investments / realizations.
Composition of members with different expertise/expertise who at the same time have holistic business strategic capabilities as well as the same values as Newday's owners.

Geir Egil Myhre

Advisory board
Geir is focused on the intersection of technology and strategy, and has carried out many projects at this very intersection where the link between the three perspectives business, strategy, and technology gives rise to risk management and exploitation of opportunities. He has extensive experience from scaling cases where a successful product or service is scaled to other markets and / or significantly increased turnover – accompanied by internal restructuring and technology development.

Nils Olav Aarseth

Advisory board
Nils Olav Årseth is a partner and founder of AGP Advokater AS. He has special expertise in company law, purchase and sale of companies, mergers / demergers, restructurings, etc. and has worked with this field for almost 30 years. He also covers several other areas of law such as contract law, real estate and employment law. He assists both national and international clients.

Jan Arne Thorbjørnsen

Advisory board
More than 25 years of broad experience in management, economics, finance and strategy work. Jan Arne has expertise in M&A, business development and board work. He is a Certified Public Accountant from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

Simen Staalnacke

Advisory board
Simen Staalnacke is an entrepreneur, business developer and designer. He is commercially creative and has a strong ability to see the opportunities with unique experience in branding and managing business success and challenges.
In addition to our established advisory board, Newday will draw on relevant expertise and experience to ensure the best possible value creation for our companies at all times.
We are entrepreneurs, employees and managers who have owned or worked in large and small companies in the past. So we know what it's all about, both on sunny and rainy days.
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