Make your business grow
without growing pains

How do we work

It's not just with capital that we invest – we also invest time and dedication for you to have a great experience. In short, you can divide the work process into 4 points that bring out what is important to us:



First we start with an assessment related to your ambitions as a company.



Then we work towards a strategy, draw up a business plan and agree on how it will be realized.



Here we see how we together will develop the company and optimize the daily operations. What will it take to take the company further and what will we achieve together in the short and long term.



By building trust, creating a platform for openness and predictability, and sharing a burning commitment and common expertise, we believe that together we will succeed.

You will experience that our methods and expertise add new value to the company.

Proper control of finances makes it easier to go full throttle:

With extensive experience from owning, leading and driving successful companies, we know that good financial management is the basis for healthy development of companies.

We know when to give gas.
We know when to slow down.

And that's exactly what you need in a growth phase – a sparring partner who can steer you in the right direction based on experience. In order to run a good business, balancing growth and profitability is crucial - we have solid experience from this and therefore you will feel in safe hands when we enter into a partnership.
About Newday
We are entrepreneurs, employees and managers who have owned or worked in large and small companies in the past. So we know what it's all about, both on sunny and rainy days.